True Music Studios is the first place to consider for your newest recording project, mixing task or commercial voice-over. Our comprehensive studio showcases the latest in recording technology.

  • Recording

  • With a huge, acoustically treated live room, and a state of the art raised Isolation Vocal Booth, you will the get the right sound from the moment you begin performing.
  • Production

  • Our mission is to help you define and preserve your true sound, while maximizing your songs potential without changing your musical identity.
  • Editing

  • We have the knowledge and tools to make the process easy for you when it is necessary.
  • Mixing

  • Our control room is large enough to accommodate the whole band. It is acoustically tuned for everyone to hear the mix well.
  • Mastering

  • We add the proper final eq, compression, level boost, song sequencing and flow, to make a musical, loud, clear master that sounds good on any playback system.
Music Samples

We have experience with a wide array of genres. Take a listen to some of our work.